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helen rainey

I came to Italy in 1983, having achieved a First Class Honors degree and the faculty prize in 1982 and 1983 at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.
This early stage of my training was essential in creating the foundations of my building design skills and triggered my life-long passion for architecture. After completing my studies at the Politecnico of Milano, I became director of the Milan-based International Design Agency, working with Marco Piva on exhibitions at Harrods and at the London Science Museum.
In 1990 I became part of EDEA, a select group of European professionals selected by the European Commission to organize the European Design Prize. In 1992 I became a partner of Intercept Design Consultants, a company with offices in London and Milan specializing in retail design, and later set up Primtel S.r.l.. Over the past twenty years I have greatly enjoyed designing residential buildings, offices, private villas, shops, showrooms and exhibitions.
In 2007 I qualified as an Energy Assessor (one of the first to be accredited by the Lombardy Region), and use this expertise to design sustainable buildings that are practical to build and use. I have spoken at conferences on sustainability in the retail and leisure sectors, and written articles for magazines in Italy and abroad. I’m pleased to say my work has been published in various magazines.

stefano bellinzona

I graduated with honors at the IUAV of Venice with one of the first theses developed entirely in CAD, and so from this early stage learnt the importance of three-dimensional computer modeling in building design. I have worked as assistant professor at the Politecnico of Milan and the Wentworth University in Boston.
During my professional career I have designed buildings in the residential, industrial, commercial, and leisure industry sectors.
For a decade I was General Manager of CAAM (Consorzio Area Alto Milanese), a public body comprised of 15 major councils situated in the area north of Milan. My responsibilities included the “Sportello Unico per le Imprese”, a unified planning applications authority for companies and industries, and the organization and participation in conferences regarding the territorial promotion of the Consorzio. In this period I was responsible for assessing planning applications for over 15.000 building projects. On the basis of this experience, I became a consultant for Milano Metropoli, working on large brownfield sites and environmental compensation projects.
This combination of professional experience and expertise in administrative procedures has enabled me to develop my skills in coordinating the complex processes underlying territorial transformation and in the managing the interaction between all the stakeholders involved (public administrations and authorities, developers, property owners, etc).
I believe that an architect should be able to offer vision and solid pragmatism to his or her client.

lorenzo munafò

I graduated with honors from the Architecture Faculty of the Politecnico di Milano in 2002, and my thesis on the seismic recovery of the historic architectural heritage received a mention as the best project of that session.
During the early years of my professional development I chose to work with building companies and developers, consolidating my knowledge of construction techniques and the dynamics of site management for different types of project.
Following this, I worked with an architectural and engineering company for four years, and was project manager for several residential, office and interior projects.
I consider myself to a “digital native“, and in 2006 turned to BIM (Building Information Modeling). In addition to aiding the realistic visualization of the design, the advantage of three-dimensional building modeling lies in the total control of every single stage of the project. The digital model “is” the building in 1:1 scale.
I recently qualified as Safety Coordinator, a role that has become vital in ensuring health and safety on building sites today.

Archificio is a project created by Helen Rainey, Stefano Bellinzona, Lorenzo Munafò.

To explore the realm of potential solutions in order to define the best possible design: a solid framework in which to assess expectations and enhance benefits. [continues]

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