Our client’s objectives and expectations are always at the centre of the services that Archificio provides: from feasibility and concept studies of the building project and its context, aimed at providing the client with vital information for assessing the investment, through to the design of the building at all levels – architecture, sustainability and energy, interiors, structures, building services, etc. – and contract administration during the construction process.
We use BIM, which increases efficiency throughout the design process, and which undoubtedly provides a greater level of control over costs and delivery compared with traditional building design systems. High quality three-dimensional renderings of the project help the client to perceive the design right from the very early stages of its development.
Although BIM is a powerful tool, in which the project is actually “built” at a virtual level, including topographical data, materials, structural elements, building services, lighting, landscaping and plants, quantities and costs, it is ultimately a pencil. A highly advanced and useful pencil, but like its ancestor, dependent on the hand guiding it.
These tools are of course a means, not an end, and we never lose sight of our objectives: to design buildings that work well, that satisfy our clients and give pleasure to the end users, and that help to improve the world in which we live.

We believe that building design is stimulating, demanding, inventive, frustrating yet hugely satisfying, and is a constant challenge that continuously stretches the mind beyond the boundaries of accepted knowledge. [continues]

We work to help restore the balance between people, cities and nature. This means working hard to make the most of the opportunities that each project presents.

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