The world is everything that happens

Everything revolves around a project.

Our lives are our own, personal life-long project, and the buildings we live and work in are a fundamental part of this project. We don’t have to put up with buildings that are badly designed, dull or even downright ugly, so choosing the right architect is of critical importance. There is no excuse for banality.

Project = process by which an architect creates order from chaos.

We believe that building design is not only a rational assessment of site conditions and characteristics, brief requirements, functional solutions, building regulations, materials and construction techniques, but an instinctive and creative process that aims to reach the essence of a given set of design conditions. It is a process that involves instinct and gut feeling – a good design “feels” right.


So an architect develops a project. But what does it mean to work as an architect nowadays, particularly in Italy?

It requires a great deal of experience and competence in dealing with local authorities, an up-to-the-minute knowledge of the vast maze of local, regional and national building codes and regulations, and the ability to keep up to pace with the rapid technical and technological developments taking place in the building sector. It means being able to efficiently manage a series of highly complex processes involving numerous technical and professional figures. It requires pragmatism and competent contract administration skills, and the ability to deal with all types of people (clients, public administrators, building contractors, workmen, professionals). And finally, it means exposing oneself to the cutting edge of public opinion and the occupants.

How can an architect be a good architect? By introducing as much innovation as tradition and history will allow into the project.


Our built environment is, on the whole, unsatisfactory, and we believe that we must work to help restore the balance between people, cities and nature.

This means working hard to make the most of the opportunities that each project presents, and focusing on its core values:

beauty, comfort, usability, healthiness, sustainability, durability, ability to adapt and renew.

This, to sum up, is the work of an architect.

Whatever else people may say, architecture is the oldest profession in the world.


Archificio is a project created by Helen Rainey, Stefano Bellinzona, Lorenzo Munafò.

To explore the realm of potential solutions in order to define the best possible design: a solid framework in which to assess expectations and enhance benefits. [continues]

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