Energy Policy

Efficiency and responsibility, a single approach

The importance and the benefits of Environmental Policies within organizations are widely recognized. The development of  Energy Policies complete this shift towards total sustainability, enabling organizations to reduce costs and increase competitiveness in the market. We assist organizations in setting down Energy Policies, whose main aims include:

 Defining an Energy Policy is the first step. It sets out the objectives, resources and procedures for establishing step two: the Energy Management System (EMS). The EMS involves the organization at all levels, and defining issues regarding planning, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources.


While the central figure in developing an EMS is the Energy Manager, its outcome depends on the involvement of all the company departments, staff and suppliers. To achieve the best possible results in our work we ideally need to have a horizontal, transversal role and should ideally relate to and coordinate with the top management and with all the company departments:


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